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Total Newbie query – how do you hook your Velodyne to our individual.

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Total Newbie query – how do you hook your Velodyne to our individual.


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Sorry, Most probably this needs to be apparent, but I can’t conclude out – even though studying the handbook!

How can you link our Yamaha RX3900 device to a Velodyne CHT-Q sets sub.

The subwoofer has stereo (l+r) inputs (all i’ve held before have had mono stimulant) and so the yamaha amplifier doesn’t always have a subwoofer result wherein all of those other speaker outputs are located.

Thank you, and be sure to ignore my absurdity – More than likely the response will likely be evident once I realize.



You wish to hook up the Pre-OUT sub on Yamaha to either the put or right network to the Velodyne

It’s simply higher than the mid for the three orange digital coaxial stimulant on the Yamaha

Edit: apologies that a person’s an enter, one that you want was a couple of more right while you effectively recognized it hookupdate.net  sugar daddy apps.


Standard Representative

Okay, many thanks. It had been the right and left that has been baffling me.

How come the sub have left and best programming?



In the event your amplifier doesn’t always have a separate submarine woofer station ie are HiFi perhaps not an AV radio, but possesses stereo pre-outs, you could submit the total assortment right and left route to the sub for any sub to extract the LFE wavelengths from.

Since you have the LFE as a mono indication you should not get connected to both, although some customers achieve this task utilizing a phono splitter. A lot of subs get one as well as other associated with the right and left furthermore designated all the way up as mono, or else you might find the sub handbook proposes one in the other.


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Ah, ok, I think I have they.

Discover plenty to grasp within the subject matter.

Thanks for your facilitate.


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One latest doubt, looks like i would like a line with a male connector at one end (to connect the Yamaha) and a blank wire on the other half (to hook up to either the left or ideal insight regarding the straight back associated with the subwoofer).

You will find some AV directs with connections on, do I simply slice one close down and make use of that? They aren’t specially serious gauge cable, only sort of cable tv you have access to in a Maplins or Dixons. Will that generally be adequate?


Requirements Manhood

I’ve tried to hook the sub – nevertheless it isn’t employed. Just what have always been we starting incorrect?

I bought an RCA cable and blocked one ending. Undecided basically should use the middle cable, or even the outside wire for left or great, but tried out both.

The subwoofer just possess a steady hum.

Other stop is attached to the back of the RX3900 for the submarine woofer connector, certainly not the one on top of the 3 lime fittings, but even more along right in identical row (notice attached).



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I got myself an RCA wire and block one conclusion. Undecided basically should make use of center wire, or perhaps the outside line for kept or best, but tried using both.

The sub just has actually a steady hum.

The other finish was connected to the rear of the RX3900 into the sub woofer connector, perhaps not the one higher than the 3 lime fittings, but farther along along right in identical line (notice linked).

You have the cable attached to the right terminal to the Yamaha however cannot hook a poor levels RCA wire to higher level audio speaker stimulant, really does the Velodyne have actually RCA inputs (low/line degree) ?

Utilizing one RCA – RCA line you only need to link within the Yamahas submarine pre out (the only you might be using nowadays) to at least one on the the Velodynes low/line degree RCA inputs

Could you send a picture associated with the back from the Velodyne or a few actual style numbers ?

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